A new normal…kinda

After so much diaper talk 5 days ago things got messy…real messy.  I believe it was a combination of expired dairy products and pizza rolls (keep in mind we are still new at this).   After a few days on the B.R.A.T. diet we are back to solids.  The B.R.A.T. diet did expose one of the greatest joys in life for the little boy….the toaster.  No telling the money and resources used to entertain him and nothing causes him to launch into outer space like a cheap toaster.


The fun starts with the fact he can only see a small portion of the toaster behind the child locked cabinets.  Often he stands there with the cabinet door cracked open a few inches blindly fishing around with his arm hoping to find the toaster.  The second level of fun is the understanding the toaster is always hot no matter what.  Watching my hands burn brings him great joy. The final thrill is the toast itself.  Yep. Just dry toast can stop tears in the blink of an eye and trigger belly rubbing and laughing.

Each morning we start our routine at 5 am when he screams bloody murder until I get him out of bed.  I lay on the floor in his room trying to sleep with one eye open while he mills around in his 12 pound diaper.  After Armageddon (diaper change) we made our way to the kitchen to start the toast routine.  I drag this out as long as possible because it’s 5:15 am and I have no other options once breakfast is over.  After a combination of getting dressed for school, waking up mom, and fighting with the dogs, we are out the door by 7:15 am.

Fast forward to 5:15 pm and we are picking up the kids heading home. First activity: the trip to get the mail, which has lasted up to 25 minutes due to unforeseen lizards and squirrels.  The second thing, is the new family tradition of a 6 pm dance party.  Each night we kick off dinner with everyone dancing in the kitchen.  In my mind this is a way to expose them to music.

  • Day 1 – Bob Dylan – Hurricane
  • Day 2 – Chris Stapleton – Fire Away
  • Day 3 (Friday)  Rebecca Black – Friday
  • Day 4 – Little Mermaid – Under The Sea (holds up well to the test of time)
  • Day 5 – Sturgill Simpson – Sea Stories
  • Day 6 – Jay-Z – Can I Get A..

While neither kid is interested at all, this has been fun for T and I.

Did I mention we landed on the name for the little boy? It lasted about 5 days and now the naming committee is considering other options. Stay tuned…

Brisket News: the little girl slept 11pm to 6am several nights in a row.  This is big, people.

We have several meetings over the next few weeks with adoption agents, CASA workers, CPS workers, birth mom, and doctors.



The Toddler Formerly know as …

I remember in 1993 when Prince changed his name to the “Love symbol”.  At age 9 I didn’t really understand because, what was his mom going to call him?  How would he rent a car?  I had so many questions.  Now I understand his dilemma.  Noodle has a pretty basic name given to him by his birth mother but for us it’s a reflection of someone else. When I am looking into his eyes discussing Brexit, while changing a diaper a Clydesdale would be proud of.

While I have promised a full diaper post, I was not prepared for the difference between what sweet little Brisket produces compared to the loaf of bread sized diapers the little boy has been generating.

Back on track, for the past few days we have been racking our brain on possible names.  Of course serious options only last for about 3 minutes before we launch into less than sincere alternatives.  Some of my favorites:

  • Klaus
  • Uncle Butch
  • Ned
  • Marcus Jr.
  • Estefan

The nice thing for us is there is really a pretty small circle who really know this little kid and his actual name.  Changing the name should be pretty easy.  Don’t think we haven’t tried yelling a few of the options from the other side of the room to see if he would turn around and look.

Miscellaneous & Housekeeping items:

  • Our first diaper rash experience was a blast.
  • We were sent home from daycare for the first time.  (Have not got to call in sick to work yet)
  • Please do not send toys.  We will notify you when we need more.
  • Father’s Day was a hit.
  • Cooked a Brisket for the first time since we got a baby named Brisket.  A little odd I am not going to lie.  We had two 10 lbs Briskets and some confusion.  “Have you checked on the Brisket?”  “The meat or the Baby?”


Road Trip!

I have a feeling my followers will be divided in two camps:

This group:


or this group:


My most recent road trip was a great combination of the two.  The Noodle and I had to make a trip down to South Texas for his final visitation with his birth mom.  Birth mom relinquished all her rights about a week ago but requested one final visit.

After working a few hours in the morning, I went to pick up the boy at daycare to start our trip.  When I walked in to his classroom his teacher mentioned that he always went for one specific baby doll in the class.  I was little annoyed but, in today’s social climate, I worked hard to suppress the feelings.  She had a point to the story…brace yourself. She picked up a little black baby doll and said that he picks that same doll every morning to carry around a bit.  This is significant because the tone of the baby doll is very close to the skin tone of Brisket.  AWWW right?  He loves Brisket!

We jumped in the car and started south.  I quickly realized I was sorely under-prepared for the trip.  I went rapid fire through the three toys / things I could find in the car to hand him.  After about 45 minutes he was snoring so loudly, I had to turn the radio up.  Lucky for me, his usual nap time fell perfectly in line for our trip down there. We stopped and had Five Guys burgers for lunch which was a hit with the little man.

We pulled up to the CPS office and I dropped him off with his CPS worker, who he likes quit a bit. Of course, there is a nervous energy about dropping him off and trying to leave quickly not to be seen by the birth mom.  Once he was inside, I drove around the corner to a local restaurant and parked.  I tried to work on my IPAD to pass some time but, as you might guess, it was one slow-moving hour.  After about 40 minutes, I got a text from the CPS worker that they were done.  I let her know I was around the corner and would be there soon.

The parking lot is small with only a few cars parked at the time.  It was obvious there was a new car in the lot that wasn’t there when I dropped him off.  I sat in the truck waiting for the CPS worker to emerge with Noodle.  I bet I waited 5 minutes before the door opened.  Out walks a young women crying…I was staring face-to-face with Noodle’s birth mother as she walked away from her final visit with him.  She made her way to her car and began to dig around in the passenger seat.  At this point I was beginning to pray the CPS worker could see her and would not come out with Noodle until she was gone.  After milling around for a few minutes she made her way back towards the building with a plastic bag in her hand.  She went back inside and then quickly return to the parking lot without the bag.  This has got to be her was my thought.  Is she about to make this as painful and uncomfortable as possible?  Once she made it back to her car, I could tell the weight of the situation was setting in.  She stood in the parking lot staring off.  It was extremely hot and humid and she continued to stand there.  After she got in the car, I could tell it had started, but again she sat there longer.  The CPS worker is now peaking through the blinds watching.  Finally the car’s reverse lights came on and the car began to slowly move.  I studied the car pretty close out of the fear of being followed.  10 years of watching the ID channel every night will burn in your brain the ugly possibilities of the world.  When her car was out of sight, the CPS worker emerged with Noodle.  He was absolutely clueless.

He had spent a significant amount of time in a local foster home prior to us and has never really known his birth mom.  The visit was obviously for her and not him. After loading him up and saying goodbye to the CPS worker, I began to wonder what the mom was going to do next.  What do you do after something like this?  Can you ever move on?  As we made our way through town, I was obsessively checking my mirrors looking for the car.  Maybe she wasn’t following me but, what if I just happened to see her again?

The ride home was very, very, very  different than the ride there.  The little boy did not sleep at all.  I was screwed.  I had no toys, IPAD, can of rocks…really, I had nothing.  So, after 2 hours of screaming and constant dropping “uh-oh” of the water cup we took a stop.  We walked a few laps around a CVS, purchased some kid’s Cheetos and were back on the road.  We made it home just before dinner-time.  After a bath and a couple of book throwing competitions, the Noodle was in bed and snoring.

Heck of a day for us.


14 days later…

It is amazing only 14 days has passed since the last post.  Feels like a couple of long months at least.  Since that time CPS has placed a 16 month old little boy in our home. Also during that time I have spent 10 days away from home due to a work related trip.

If anyone is considering foster care I can offer some world class advice.  Do not leave your wife with a 4 month old and 16 month old 10 of the first 14 days.

Our entire family has been incredible.  They stayed up late, got up early, went to the park, changed diapers (grown man sized diapers… Entire post related to size of a 16 month olds diaper coming)), and cooked a ton of food.  The past two weeks would have been a nightmare if it was not for our great family.

I spent a long time trying to decide what word or phrases I would use to describe my wife.  I did some Google research: image.png

Hero seemed like the right word until my google search.  Since a hero is typically a man, like Church Norris. My wife however has put on a hall of fame caliber performance for the past two weeks.  T has not missed a beat for making the transition for Noodle as flawless as possible.  She had anticipated his every need before he arrived and has given this kid a kind of love only Brisket understands.

I could not be more proud of the way my wife has handled the past several months.  Her ability to be a mom to two has propelled her to hero status over the past few weeks.