Son of a Banker

It has been 19 days since the last post and I am sorry for the time that has passed.  I promise you have missed a ton and I will do my best to bring you up to speed.

First off we have landed on an official name for the young lad, Jack Henry Morris.  To the masses it’s a good solid name.  A versital combination of names that will serve him well at any age.

I a much smaller demographic the name clearly stands for:


That’s right Jack Henry & Associates Inc., the S&P 50 company that supports more than 11,300 financial institutions with core processing services. So imagine telling everyone at work you named your first son after your core processing system.  Yes it has been painful.

In other news Brisket is 12.5 lbs and sleeps sideways in the middle of a king size bed. Over the past couple of weeks she has transitioned from a little baby to a combination of an asian man / Fat Albert.  As you can imagine very cute. It is hard to imagine she is 5 months old now.

As for boy wonder, he has this incredible skill of ignoring every old person who wants to say hello.  When we are in public he gives them this blank stare like he is fresh off the boat from Iceland and doesn’t understand a word they are saying.  That’s not the incredible part.  This kid can pick the person in the crowd who has the least interest in talking to a 17 month old and will start a 20 questions game with them.  Yesterday in Costco we passed an Indian family and the little boy said “hi” to the grandma of the family and she ignored him.  For the next 20 rows we passed the same family and this kid had something to say to her every single time.  For 20 rows she ignored him every single time.

That is it for now.  More juicy info to come later this week.