It was all a dream…


Lets see here…We have had a pretty wild week.  Each kid’s CPS worker paid us a visit, our Hope Cottage case worker paid us a visit too, normal weekly visit with birth mom, a dentist appointment, and then our life too.

I felt like we were constantly coming and going from home and work to make this all happen the week was a blur.  This week Brisket’s CPS worker let us know her grandmothers home study was back and under review by her supervisor, Brisket’s attorney, and then the judge.  While we knew it had been in the works it didn’t seem like a big deal until this week.  Brisket has two half brothers and the oldest will start school this year.  The CPS worker anticipates everyone rushing to get the kids moved in with grandma by August 22nd in order to keep him from having to change schools this year.

While we don’t know any dates for certain it sounds and feels like our time with Brisket is quickly coming to a close.  The most common question or comment has always been “I just don’t know how you will give them back” well, we are about to find out.  We are no more prepared for this than the average person.  We have spent the past four months with this little girl like she was our own.  I don’t know what we will need, how it will work, or when it will happen but the day is drawing near.

If it wasn’t me i would tell any other foster family remember, this has been the game plan set in place by CPS from day one.  This is the best option for Brisket according to their years and years of experience.  She will most likely grow up with her brothers and grandma playing a large role in her life.  You have done your part.  You have served your community and have changed the life of someone who will likely never know about this phase of life.

Could we do it better?  It doesn’t matter.  Would she have access to more resources with us?  That’s not a factor.  Is the grandma able to care for 3 kids under 5 years old?  The Judge will decide.  These are all hard questions that really are not worth asking in this situation because in my opinion we have done our job.  This is what we signed up for.  Sure we both have fallen deeply in love with this little baby and thats ok.

I am sure there will be more depressing posts to come.

Jack update – he is now affectionately referring to his man parts as his “dingus”, which i love.  He has mastered the car seat back arch.  He seems to learn a new word each day.  While the vacuum started as “bac” it has become “bacuum”.  He continues to do very well in daycare and thrives with the daily routine and structure.

Stay tuned.  Thanks for your support.



  1. Diane long · August 13, 2016

    I know this will be a hard time for you both. Prayers continue for both of you and your little family.


  2. LuLu · August 13, 2016



  3. Shace Face · August 14, 2016

    You guys have done a FANTASTIC job and Brisket now has a large village praying for her health and happiness as she grows up. Love y’all so much!


  4. Larry Gill · August 14, 2016

    A lot of folks are keeping y’all in their prayers for what you have done, and are doing for these little ones…and keeping them in prayers for their future success in life…which might never have happened if not for you two!!


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