One of a kind

My old lady is a good ole fashion mom.  Forget all the moving pieces and pending doom in our life, T decided first day of school presents for teachers are a “thing”.  Teachers also means day care workers.  So what does she do in the middle of the night?


Thats right 12 gifts… Brisket’s 2 teachers, the 2 teachers next door to Brisket who sometime take care of her, the school chef,  3 front desk workers, the girl with yellow eyes, Jack’s 2 teachers, the girl who is there by herself in the early morning.

Yeah i mean if it really was a thing i had planned to pick up 2 or 3 Hot & Ready’s around noon and drop them off at the school.  Not T she has got this momma thing down and is currently brainstorming birthday party teams for 2, 3, and 4. Thanks to me 2 will be off the hook.

Another example of her going above and beyond was a few mornings ago. I am the nature morning person between the two of us and have been getting up with him between 5-6am every day for the past couple of months.  Well she can tell i am tired.  Jack woke up around 4:45am with a stinger in his diaper so we both got up to change him and try to get him back to sleep.  Cup of milk, couple good songs, T in the crib with him, and none of it was working.  She told me to “Go back to bed baby, i got it”.   Awesome.

I woke up again about 6 am and noticed the house was dead silent.  Maybe they went for a walk?  Whataburger?  The baby monitor was still on and sitting on my night stand so i picked it up.  I felt like i was in the middle of a horror movie.  The monitor was still pointing at his bed and it was empty.  I started to pan the camera left and it slowly began to give me a glimpse of the crime scene.  Every single item in the room which could be reached 3 ft and under was on the floor. Chairs flipped over, teepee in ruins, diaper pale upside down, and right in the middle of it all:


My little all-star momma.  Out cold.  Good news is he had not killed her.  When i opened the door a little head emerged from behind the teepee and said “Eat Eat”.

Good times.



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