The most common question

It has been over 2 months since my last blog post.  I promise there have been plenty of post worthy events.   As i read over the last couple post before my absence i am reminded of Brisket’s pending return to grandma as far back as the August 13th post.  At that time the home study was back and only required approval.  To sum up the time between August 13th and now would be…two more weeks.

We heard it will be about two more weeks every two weeks for almost three months.  This morning the last two weeks came to an end.  Brisket’s time with us wrapped up and she has made the transition to her grandmother’s home.

The most common question or statement we have heard over the past 7 months has been “how you are just going to give that baby back?”  or “what are you going to do if they take her back?”. Until today i didn’t have an answer.

That State of Texas made a decision which took place today.  The CPS worker came to our house today and we quietly loaded up Brisket’s clothes, toys, bottles, and other things.  After everything was in the car Tori and I walked outside and buckled Brisket into the car seat.  At that point there was nothing we could say or do, no amount of hugs or kisses to show Brisket the level of our love for her.  The CPS worker did his best and passed along a message of thankfulness from Brisket’s grandma.  It was all over in less than 10 minutes.

We came inside and cried.  After some time we talked more about the entire experience.  We both agreed we would do it all over again knowing the loss and pain we feel now.  Living with Brisket for the past 7 months has no doubt been our greatest joy and sense of accomplishment.  Our life with her started April 6th at the hospital when she weighed less than 5 lbs.   This is a picture from that very first day:img_3078

We had absolutely no idea what we were doing and they sent us home with a fragile human being! For almost 7 full months we have done everything in our power to give this baby everything.  While the loss is emotional i am quick to tears when i look back at the mother T became overnight.  There is no question she deserves most of the credit for caring for this helpless little baby. Before she left this morning we weighed our Brisket one last time and she was just shy of 18 lbs.  at 9 months old.   We were back on the charts and in line with where she should be given her age.  She has made incredible progress since being almost three months premature.  Here is what all that hard work looks like:


I am sure there is more grief and pain in the coming days but we will never forget the little girl who changed our lives.

More to come.  Thanks for the love and support from all our family and friends.



  1. Jen (Walsh) Higginbotham · November 4, 2016

    Praying and thinking of you guys often! So glad you posted an update!
    I don’t know what to say other than sending lots of love and hugs your way!


  2. Diane · November 4, 2016

    Love and prayers for you both. You did amazing!


  3. Shace · November 4, 2016

    You guys have changed the direction of sweet Brisket’s life and she’s changed yours (and mine). One thing I know is that God is faithful…The God we praised for bringing her to you is the same God we pray to for peace as we grieve with you. I love y’all!


  4. LuLu · November 4, 2016

    That tiny little baby you brought home from the hospital with such excitement and trepidation changed our entire family’s life! Watching you and Tori willingly sacrifice every part of your lives to love and nurture Brisket filled us with so much pride and joy. We knew you would be amazing parents, but we didn’t know how it would feel to witness your love poured into the life of your children. We will always love and pray for that “big fat baby” and we are thankful God chose to bless our lives with such a special gift. Praying peace and comfort for you both. Love you. CYK


  5. Megan Hignight · November 5, 2016

    I have been thinking about you guys often. Thanks for sharing this piece of your heart with us. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys as you make this transition. Brisket is just about one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Sending lots of love you way….


  6. Dale Long · November 5, 2016

    Thanks for sharing. You two made a huge investment in the life of that little baby girl. You did a great job.


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